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Work at club ill repute
Work at club ill repute

Want Club Ill Repute to represent you?

Or you simply want to learn more about modelling opportunities? Fill out this model representation application form as best you can (clearly and honestly), and attache recent genuine photos. Alternatively EMAIL:- 

Club ill Repute specialises in high class models for VIP clients in London, New York, Dubai and internatinonally, but if you are a model or someone with elite model qualities based in any major international city we welcome your interest.

Applicants must be over 18 in the Uk and 21 in the US, and able to prove that the images sent to us are real and genuine. 

All information submitted will be treated with confidentiality and discretion. Your photos will not be posted online without your permission.


Step 1 - About You

Step 2 - Work

Step 3 - Photos

Please Provide up to four pictures

Note: Maximum image size is 1 meg. Please be patient - it may take a while to upload your images

Step 4 - Ready?