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Singapore Sands

Posted by Roland on October 4, 2013

On a recent visit to Singapore there was one structure that (for myself) stood out from all the other amazing structures to be found in the city. If you have never heard of or seen photos of Marina Bay Sands then you should have!


This outrageous structure in part resembles three towers with an alien spacecraft landing on top. This alien spacecraft in this case is the hugely impressive “SkyPark” that’s perched on top of three 55 storey high towers. This “Skypark” has an impressive infinity pool that is three times the length of an Olympic sized pool, one of the largest of its kind at that height in the world.


Marina Bay Sands currently holds the title “The worlds most expensive hotel” At a cost of £4 Billion the hotel eclipses the Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi), previously the worlds most expensive. The Singapore resort hotel has a casino which is massive (1600 slot machines and 500 tables) on a scale that has to be seen to be believed, an 800,000 sq ft Mall with indoor Canal, a 2561 room hotel and 1,300,000 sq ft convention center.


It is worth paying this place a visit the next time you are in Singapore, if only to take in the sheer grand spectacle of it all, and while in the city remember that if you are in need of company we will be providing high class Singapore escorts in there in the near future.


Steve Romero