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Posted by admin on November 6, 2012

It is the season to be giving and those of you with a generous mindset my have turned your thoughts to gifting your favorite companion with a token of appreciation or a little something to remember you by.  Unfortunately we are not all Rockefeller's and in these difficult financial times(for some) Graff’s or Harry Winston may not be the first port of call. 

It is a well known fact that Ladies sexy lingerie is not just something that gives the ladies a sense of well being and excitement but is also something that is much appreciate by the male. So you fella’s out there can kill two birds with one stone by presenting your flavor of the month with some sexy risqué underwear.

The choice of sexy lingerie as a gift can perk up the relationship between you and the recipient of the gift and it does not necessarily have to break the bank. 

Unfortunately if you are in Dubai you are probably most likely to find the lingerie on offer in stores a little tame. When in London or New York there are two stores that come to mind when one thinks of racy underwear:-


Agent Provocateur will provide all the racy risqué lingerie a sophisticated Lady or Gentlemen requires.

LONDON 16 Pont Street, Chelsea,  SW1 Tel + 44 207 7235 0229

NEW YORK 133 Mercer Street  New York, NY 10012, United + 1 (212) 965-0229 


Ann Summers where you can indulge your fantasies with sexy fun outfits for role play and also erotic toys

LONDON 77 Kings Road Chelsea London, SW3 4NX + 44 870 053 4091