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6 Things not to do before Sex

Posted by admin on February 27, 2017

Six things not to do before Sex

Not on a full stomach

Apart from bad breath and gas ,overeating will bring on a feeling of lethargy and sleepiness. Avoid foods high and fats and carbohydrates, because the body requires more energy to digest these, also the release of insulin during digestion increases brain levels of serotonin and melatonin which leads to drowsiness. All these factors will negatively affect your planned marathon session. 

Suggestions for sex boosting foods...

Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco

Gone are the days when boozing and smoking were promoted as being macho activities for "real" men, these days it is well known that science has debunked this theory - Alcohol and tobacco are proven to lower libido. Smoking will decrease blood flow in the body and blood flow is essential for maintaining an erection. While alcohol consumption can lower inhibitions and put one in the mood, too much alcohol can prove counterproductive and you may be let down by a lack of arousal and rigidity. This is because alcohol has the effect of dilating blood vessels. 

Do not be selfconcious about your looks.

Via television and social media we are constantly bombarded the images of beautiful bodies and what we are told should be the perfect physiques, but the truth is nobody is perfect. Stop stressing about your body image, especially prior to lovemaking. Negative thoughts about your body will produce feelings of anxiety which will be detrimental to your performance. The best thing to do is put aside unhelpful thoughts and focus on the part of  your body that you feel good about.

No Spanky Monkey

Thats correct. No masturbation before sex. Some may subscribe to the theory that masturbation before sex will enhance performance by making it last longer. While this may work for some people, for others spanking the monkey before sex can lead to being unable to achieve or  maintain an erection. Decide which side of the fence you are on and act accordingly.

Avoid Energy Drinks

Despite what you may have been led to believe, energy drinks will not help you improve you stamina for a marathon sex session. These types of drinks are commonly stuffed with caffeine and sugar and while they may give you a short term boost, this will soon wear off leaving you more tired than before.

Don't lack adventure

Keep sticking to the same tried and tested routine in the bedroom and you will soon lose the passion, boredom will take over and sex will soon become a chore. You need to switch things up a bit every once in a while. Try new positions or use role play to enact fantasies... anything goes between two concerning adults