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Posted by admin on January 17, 2015

Fact..most women love lingerie and most men love to see women wearing lingerie. Good underwear can permit women to feel sexy even though her outer clothing may be staid or sombre. Secretly she is aware that beneath her sedate appearance she is clad sexily in provocative undergarments, this is what gives her the confident appearance that draws the attention of men as she struts by. This confident feeling is partly why women love lingerie. 


For hundreds of years members of the fairer sex have used lingerie in various ways. Girdles in the form corsets were fashionable the previous half century - tight fitting undergarments that ladies would bind themselves info for the coveted voluptuous thin waisted look.. Tiny waists where highly desirable in those days and this is why women from a young age waist were girdled so as to ensure there waists remained small. As well as being uncomfortable this can cause problems with their health and physical development. Thank God these days women wear underwear for more positive reasons, women like lingerie for the way it feels on their skin as well as the way it makes them feel about themselves.


Till this day women still use Lingerie to improve what they consider to be imperfections in their figures.  Ladies wear undergarments like Spanx to make their midsection appear smaller and buttocks rounder. Padded bras are also used to give their busts a lift and make them appear bustier. An examination in the mirror will give a girl an idea of the Lingerie that is most suitable for her, only styles that improve her figure and hide her flaws will be considered. 


As well as enhancing the figure, Lingerie make girls look and feel sexy, this is why the majority if female escorts post photographs of themselves in sexy underwear. Escort girls will knowingly wear revealing figure enhancing undergarments when trying to create excitement between her and her client. This can be very arousing.

The the touch of cloths used to produce lingerie like silk and satin on the skin can send feelings of of excitement tingling through a woman's body and also create a feeling of comfort. 


Every day women around the world are working in industries that a few decades ago where dominated by men. These women are now working hard, just as hard as men and are achieving in the same manner. Once in a while these women like to remind themselves of their femininity. You can imagine the feeling for a woman attired in a stern business suite, to all outwards appearances she will looks strictly business like but underneath she could be wearing sexy frilly, lacy lingerie that make her feel even more confident and powerful...