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Sexy Feet

Posted by Roland on August 3, 2013

What if you were absolutely sexualy fixated? No to a person but to a particular part of their anatomy. When your attraction is about a behaviour or a particular object it becomes a fetish.

People can either be uncomfortable or totally amused by the unconventional nature of fetishes. But fetishists can have the last laugh  because fetishes can be sexually and emotionally gratifying on many levels.


The foot fetish is probably the most well know of all fetishes. Something that used to be considered laughable is now an almost mainstream wholesome kink. Although delving into details of the actual actions involved can cause some discomfort which is probably the reason it is still a slightly risque idea to some people.


Unlocking the mysterious nature of the foot fetish may require a level of  sexual bravery of which very few people posses.


The origins of the word "Fetish" is not sexual. It originates from the the word "fetich", a portuguese word used by Portuguese explorers of olden times to describe religious artifacts believed to be imbued with mystical magical powers. Not until the 19th Century did the word "Fetish" become eroticised and attributed to something that sexually excites.


Generally fetishes are one of the least understood sexual concepts. Sexualisation of feet are a prime example of such a fetish. It is actually not a fetish but partialism. Ones attraction exclusively to a certain body part can be considered partialism. Alternatively when a person has come to sexualise a certain object or behaviour - this is a fetish. Common objects of fetishism are underwear, shoes, rubber, latex, leather etc... In a lot of cases, the feel or odor of the object is more erotic than the object itself.


To some extent many folk may have mild fetishes. The main thing to remember is that most fetishes are harmless, so feel free to enjoy yours! And if your partner does not have sexy feet we probally have an escort who does...