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Roulette Way

Posted by admin on February 20, 2013

There comes a time in ones life when all the usual vices fail to give the desired level of gratification.  This chain of thought brings me to gambling – more specifically the game of Roulette.


Finding myself in a Casino recently for the first time in many years, I found myself instinctively drawn to the roulette tables.  Among all the other games you will find in a Casino, Roulette is a game that stands out. Such an elegant game – highly visible, this game is absolutely and totally a game of chance. In a Casino the Roulette wheel is the great equalizer, there is no consistently sure bet, no skill to be applied to win the game and no card counting. No sense can be made of the game and no statistics that will tell you which number will come up next.


This is the nub of what for me (an intrepid gambler) makes roulette the game that gives the biggest thrill! It is completely random. It is impossible to predict what number will come up on any turn, because there is no correlation between one spin of the wheel and that preceding.   The only thing you need to do is pray your luck is in and hope for the best.  An average player has as good a chance of winning as a professional – the roulette wheel is the great equalizer.


For me the biggest challenge is to beat the house, but with their insurmountable odds the deck fully staked against any player.  Since it was first invented roulette is a game that has captured player’s imagination. Gamblers have tried with various systems but at the end of the day there is no sure way to consistently win. In reality such a thing cannot happen it is a mathematical improbability.  However saying this there are some ways to reduce you odds of losing and give yourself a fighting chance to come out in the black.


Make sure you don’t spunk you’re bankroll in one session. Split the money into four parts, play with a quarter and if you lose that stop playing, rest and regroup. You will still have three quarters of your money remaining; you can either walk away or go back to the table with another quarter.  This makes for a more pleasurable way to enjoy the game and your experience will not be over to quickly.


One more thing… don’t get sucked into the silly Martingale system, where playing red or black you have to double your bet on each spin in the hope of recouping any losses. This system is for fools (I should know I tried) and will only lead to even bigger losses.  All Casinos’ have a maximum bet and sooner or later you will hit this ceiling and then you will loose all your money and not be able to recoup.


Happy gambling! (or save the money for the best escort agency girls)...