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FIFA World Cup 2014

Posted by admin on June 6, 2014

Its that time again. The greatest and most watched sporting event in the world is here. 2014 Football(soccer) World Cup. Yes, it's already been four years since the Vuvuzela's and the Spanish victory in South Africa 2010. 

From 1930 to the present day the world cup has be held every 4 years, World War two being the exception. Over last the three years qualifying games have been played by nations all over the world and the final 32 teams will be in Brazil for the month long competition (June 12 - July 11th). The opening match will be Croatia V Brazil.

Brazil the 5 time champions are probably hoping to take the trophy once more, but it won't be easy, Spain and Germany are in good form coming into the competition. The 2014 team could be the best German side since the 1974 winners. 

In fact according to EA games FIFA world cup simulation, Germany will win. So if you are someone who likes a bet you can't do any worse than place your money on Germany to win, but hedge your bet for safety!

As usual the England team is carrying the weight of a nations expectation on thier shoulders. And as usual this weight will weigh them down on the pitch.

Unfortunately the UAE team did not qualify, but all the expatriates from around the world who live in the UAE will be rooting for their home teams. 

You can see the full list of match fixtures here