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Private or Commercial?

Posted by admin on March 14, 2014

Of course Private jets are a posh indlulgence. The thing is if you can get the same swanky experience if not better on a first or business class flight, so why not fly commercial?  

If you don't own your own Jet (with the prohibitive costs that entails) chartering a flight in a lower level Private jet like the Gulfstream 300 will set you back £50,000.00 for a return flight from Paris to Riyadh. Go up a level to the Gulfstream 450 (which at this time is not a jet any self-respecting billionaire will own) and you're wallet will be lighter by £100,000.00 for a return flight from London to Los Angeles. A comparable FIRST CLASS flight London to LA with Virgin Atlantic will set you back £3300.00.

Do the math. To fly private return to LA you will be spending £96,700.00 more than the cost of a first class commercial flight.  That's huge amount to justify for the luxury of not having anyone else or any unwanted person on your flight. 

But the truth is there are other underlying benefit to flying private. 
The number one benefit of flying by private jet is time saving. To the time challenged super rich time saving IS money saving!
The time saving begins on the way the airport. Small jets usually fly out of smaller airports because they do not need the long runways and heavy staff presence of large airports. There are much more smaller airports than major ones dotted around the country and you do not have to travel far to one and they are not congested so take of and landing is usualy much faster. You can fly when you desire (when using commercial flights you have to meet the airlines schedule)There is no dealing with long check in so you can turn up at the airport within minutes of your light - instead of the standard 2hrs before international flights. No waiting for baggage (or lost) either!

Private jet can save huge amounts of time by flying you direct to your destination, bypassing the spokes and congested hubs used by commercial airlines. Your private jet will also fly high above commercial aviation (up to 55000ft), this leads to a smother faster flight.

Must have Private jets for billioinaires are Bombardier Global Express 6500, Boeing Busines jet, and the latest Gulfstream 650.

For those of us not lucky enough to afford our own private jet. Companies like Private Fly  
will be happy to charter a jet to you. You can book one or two Escorts to meet you by the jet and join the mile high club in style!