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Enjoy Shopping - with your Girl

Posted by admin on July 7, 2015

You have finally found that special girl. Whichever way you met her (maybe in a Bar, Club, Church or Escort Agency), you have now made the transition from strangers to lovers… You now understand most of her likes and dislikes, and you are aware that one thing she likes is to go shopping. But  more than anything else your girl likes to going shopping while dragging you along, which for her is even better. As a man this may not be your favourite pastime, most men are just not capable of handling an extended shopping trips with a woman. This is something you inherently dread, but have no fear, help is here.

Its very important that you know your coma zone. Thats right! Sometimes you might as well be in a coma when out shopping in certain stores with you girlfriend. The boredom of spending infinite amounts of time in a female oriented shopping environment is enough to induce a coma. The answer to this is to be prepared. From previous experience you will know which shops are most likely to send you into a coma as  your partner spends hours going through racks and racks of clothing, choosing some items and trying them on, only in the end to reject them all because they are "not quite right". One of thing you can do, is bring some reading material with you to keep you occupied in this scenario.

For most men shopping is a chore to be got over with as fast as possible, we know what we want, and where to find it, we are in and out of the shop as fast as possible with a minimum amount of fuss. But for a woman shopping is a different experience entirely. Your girl will always have one or two favourite shops that relax or de-stress her. A planned shopping trip will always be something special for her so it would be in your best interest to make it as pleasant for her as is possible.
One of the best ways to make you lady friends shopping expedition palatable for you is to have some planned or unplanned breaks during the trip. Most malls or shopping districts will offer other alternatives to simply purchasing consumer goods. There will be a selection of restaurants and possibly other entertainment options like a cinema multiplex. You can break her shopping day up and still entertain her by taking her for a romantic meal or a movie which you can both enjoy together!

One of the easiest things you can do to elevate the boredom when you significant other drags you along on an extensive shopping trip, is bring a digital device along. Most of us these days have tablets or smart phones with us the majority of the time, there are many games or Apps you can download to these devices to keep you entertained while out shopping with your girl.

There it is, your guide to surviving shopping with your female partner!